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Cody Fisher has been amazing magicians on the national/ international lecture circuit for almost 10 years. He has performed and lectured in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, and England. His books and effects have been translated into five languages. In 1998 he won the prestigious T.A.O.M. award for best close up magic in Texas. In May of 2000, the national magic magazine MUM described Cody as "The Hottest Rising Star On The Magic Horizon For The 21st Century". In 2005 Cody was awarded the prestigious "Columnist Of The Year" award for his monthly column in MUM.

As a creator of magical effects, his specialty is "Commercial Magic". Cody had the uncanny ability to create magic that is fooling as well as VERY entertaining. Cody has a unique ability to combine humor along with his simple and direct approach to magic, resulting in a very enjoyable experience. Cody GUARANTEES that everyone who at- tends his lecture will learn Easy To Master High-Impact, Commercial Magic. This is powerful magic that you can learn today and can perform tomorrow!