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After making a living from performing magic for the last fifteen years Carl will share his approach to many of his highly commercial routines straight from his working repertoire. The lecture includes Carl's now famous Micro Cup and Ball Routine (The Gold Cup Con), magic with cards, coins, elastic bands, business cards, and fun mental magic including his thoughts and work on using indexes. All delivered with the good humour you would expect from a working professional magician. In the lecture Carl will also discuss his approach to adding humour to your magic routines, making effects more magical to your audiences, and will include many stories from his time as a working professional magician.

"The evening included many tricks and routines which were all quite clearly honed to perfection by somebody who has performed them thousands of times with real audiences in real situations, enabling him to iron out all the snags one could encounter and save us all a massive learning curve by passing on these wisdoms, experiences and insights."