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Two-time Fism award winner and past Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year is back in the UK for a brand new lecture tour packed full of magic, philosophy and humour. Anyone who has seen Matthew lecture knows that the passion he has for performing and practising is transferred into his teaching effortlessly and will leave your club members with not only some new skills and tricks but also with the inspiration to go away and practise what they already have.

Matthew has been the Director of Magic at The House of Illusion in Spain for five years and during that time he has helped many magicians turn their promise and ideas into fully routined professional performance pieces. He uses this experience to teach you and your members how do develop and create your own original pieces with simple formulas and lessons on character building, routining and rehearsals.

This is not a boring "theory only" lecture though. Everyone from the "new to magic" to the "seasoned professional" will find something to excite and inspire them including brand new effects never seen in lecture before including:

  • Horizon - A new take on close-up levitations
  • Quantum Casket - a card to impossible location like no other
  • The Marvelous Wonder Phone - (top secret) not due for release until Blackpool 2014!