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The first round of the Simpson Shield is a trick with money - this could be coin magic and/or tricks with notes (we'll let you be creative).

For those who have not entered the Simpson Shield before; this is one of the club's annual competitions. The Simpson Shield is made up of 6 themed heats that are held at club nights across the year. previous themes included 'A Trick from the Bathroom' & 'A Trick from the Library'. Winners are decided by members in an audience vote and subsequently earn points, the member who accumulates the most points at the end of the year wins the title. All you need is 1 trick to match the heat's theme.

Jon Gresham - Sideshow Showman by Eddie Dawes and Jon Marshall
A fully illustrated and fascinating talk, based on the recently published book about the life and times of of Jon Gresham. Jon was, amongst all his other activities, secretary of Hull Magicians' Circle for 28 years as well as a fire eater, magician, cinema and museum proprietor and Sideshow impresario.